Howard Herman

Howard Herman is a professional jazz pianist, arranger, composer and music educator in the Orlando area. He earned his M.A. (Composition) from Long Island University, his B.A.from New York University (Major: Music Theory, Minor: Music Education). He also did undergraduate work at Berklee College of Music and postgraduate work at C.S.U.N. and U.C.L.A. He has worked with Regis Philbin, Henry Beckman, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, George Takei, Scott Whitfield, Peter Welker, Leroy Cooper, Don Lamond, and Robin Yukiko. Howard is a member of the Executive Board of AFM Local 389.



The Musician’s union has been instrumental in recent years to me and my family. When we first relocated to this area, things did not go as we thought they would. When we needed a little help to get by, to my surprise the musician’s union was the only organization in Orlando that could and did actually help.

— Larry McRae