Mike Avila

Mike Avila was born and raised in Garden Grove, California. After undergraduate studies at Long Beach State University and The University of Southern California (USC), Mike moved to Florida in 1983 to become the lead trumpet player in the World Class Brass at Disney’s EPCOT center, a position that he held for sixteen years, until becoming President of Local 389 in March of 1999. Mike is currently a member of the Sovereign Brass, a local brass quintet performing throughout the south east. Mike is married to his wife of over 21 years, Rhonda, and they have four children.



Being in the AFM is essential for a professional musician. The AFM helps protect you and helps provide quality and safe performances! It enables you to continue your love of performing while providing you with resources and knowledge of “The Biz!” The pension plan is an awesome benefit which most musicians are grateful for to help with future financial security. The camaraderie of fellow professionals is priceless.

— Carol J. Stein