Nancy Crockford

Nancy Crockford, a native of Orlando, Florida, joined Local 389 when she was 16. She has worked with symphonies, chamber ensembles, operas, ballets, musicals & tours in venues throughout the Southeast & New York. Attending Stetson University, University of Central Fla. & summers at Eastman School of Music for private lessons. During her 6 year tenure with The Florida Orchestra, Nancy was the Violin Section Grievance Representative & helped spearhead the formation of the Fla. Orchestra Musicians’ Association. She was elected Treasurer and Historian, was on the Bylaw Committee & chaired the Benefit Concert Committee. During the musicians’ strike in the 80’s, Nancy was appointed to the Musicians’ Negotiations Committee. Currently working on jazz, rock & improvisational violin projects, Nancy’s latest recording is a Story Music CD called “Guava & Grits.”



The Musician’s union has been instrumental in recent years to me and my family. When we first relocated to this area, things did not go as we thought they would. When we needed a little help to get by, to my surprise the musician’s union was the only organization in Orlando that could and did actually help.

— Larry McRae