Rehearsal Hall Calendar

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The Rehearsal Hall is free for Members. A Member must always be present during a rehearsal. There is a $5 fee per non-member taking part in a rehearsal. The group leader is responsible for making sure the Hall is clean and in proper order before departing.

The rehearsal hall is furnished with a piano, music stands, tables and chairs. (Sorry, we do not supply sound equipment.)

To schedule a rehearsal time, please call the office at 407-894-8666 or send an email to

Rehearsal space is reserved on a first-come/first-served basis. We generally will book the space only into the following month.




Being in the AFM is essential for a professional musician. The AFM helps protect you and helps provide quality and safe performances! It enables you to continue your love of performing while providing you with resources and knowledge of “The Biz!” The pension plan is an awesome benefit which most musicians are grateful for to help with future financial security. The camaraderie of fellow professionals is priceless.

— Carol J. Stein