Central Florida Musicians Association

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Initiation fees waived October 1, 2016 February 28, 2017.
We are pleased to announce that the International Executive Board (IEB) of the AFM has approved our request for a membership drive. The purpose of the drive is to grow the membership and give an opportunity to those who have wanted to join but are unable to come up with the Initiation Fees ($65—which goes to NY; $30—which stays here in Orlando). Call the Local 389 office for more information (407-894-8666) or join online at www.afm.org (note: the AFM collects a service charge if you pay online).



The Musician’s union has been instrumental in recent years to me and my family. When we first relocated to this area, things did not go as we thought they would. When we needed a little help to get by, to my surprise the musician’s union was the only organization in Orlando that could and did actually help.

— Larry McRae